Adjacent Jurisdiction Development Initiatives

Curious about what neighboring jurisdictions, including the independent cities of Manassas and Manassas Park and towns within the county, are doing with development adjacent to Prince William County? When Prince William County receives notices from other jurisdictions, links to the documents will be posted on this page.

Click on the case number/name for a link to the application submitted.

Fairfax County (Planning web page)

CPAM-2020-0001 Public Facilities in the Rural Policy Area

  • The purpose of the Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPAM) is to amend the Loudoun County 2019 General Plan (2019 GP) to add text and policies to permit the extension of central water and wastewater to serve public facilities located on contiguous parcels in the Rural Policy Area (RPA) located immediately adjacent to the western boundary of the Transition Policy Area (TPA). The CPA also amends the 2019 GP Existing Facilities Map to add a future middle school site as a feature shown on a potential 172.9-acre County-owned public use property located near the far eastern edge of the RPA where it adjoins the TPA. The CPAM will partially reconcile the 2019 GP's treatment of municipal and central systems with regard to public sewer and water extensions into the RPA to serve public facilities and expediates the approval process for the future middle school site which has a planned opening in the fall of 2024.

Fairfax Fire and Rescue Structure

  • Application No. 2232-V19-2 regarding the Fire and Rescue Department Urban Search and Rescue Training Facility at 9900 Furnace Road, by the Department of Public Work and Environmental Services

Natural Landscaping at County Facilities

  • Plan Amendment 2018-CW-2CP proposes to add an objective and related policies to the Public Facilities element of the Policy Plan so that public facilities and sites would be designed, retrofitted, and maintained in an environmentally-sensitive manner with a focus on natural landscaping. Additionally a definition for Natural Landscaping would be added to the Glossary of the Comprehensive Plan

Loudoun County (Planning web page)

REST-2018-0003 Glenstone Gardens

  • Approval of a Rural Economy Site Plan (REST) for the establishment of country inn use for the existing structure on the associated improvements

City of Manassas (Meetings and Hearings Web Page)

Manassas 2040 Comprehensive Plan, CPA #2018-2000

  • The Draft 2040 Comprehensive Plan is provided for your review.

City of Manassas Park (Meetings and Hearings Web Page)

Road Expansion at Sudley Road between Grant Avenue and Godwin Drive

  • The City of Manassas is proposing to provide a third continuous northbound through lane for 1.2 miles of Sudley Road between Grant Avenue and Godwin Drive. This will include converting existing right-turn lanes to a shared through/right-turn lane where available, and widening approximately 3,000 feet of Sudley Road where it is currently non-existent. A channelization island will be added at Grant Avenue and Sudley Road. Crosswalks will be added to the following intersections: Across Sudley Rd at Godwin Dr; Across Impalla Dr at Sudley Rd; and Across Sudley Rd at Rolling Rd

Public Utilities and Other Projects

Dominion Energy - New Road-Middleburg 115kV Electric Transmission Rebuild Project

  • The electric transmission line that runs from [the] New Road Substation to [the] Middleburg Substation is at the end of its service life and needs to be rebuilt to maintain reliability for the more than 9,000 customers it serves.

For more information on any projects please contact the appropriate jurisdiction's Planning & Zoning Office.