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Building Development Division

Commercial Building/Addition

This Web page covers the Building Code approval process for the construction of a new commercial building. For an overview of the overall development approval process, see Starting a Business in Prince William County. For a basic introduction to Building Codes refer to the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code and Use Groups & Certificate of Occupancy.

Contact the Building Development Division at 703-792-6930 or email [email protected]g for additional questions and clarifications concerning policies, procedures, and interpretations on the plan review, permit issuance, and inspection processes.  

Designer Requirements – To determine if a Virginia professional designer or contractor must prepare the design/plans refer to Registered Design Professional Sealing of Plans (Policy 1.11). Note that when a Class A contractor or master tradesman is allowed to design the work, they are also required to control or supervise the work.

Construction of New Buildings/Additions - Building Plans – These two scenarios will require a submission of building plans for review and approval. If the building has a fire suppression system and/or fire alarm system, the Fire Marshal’s Office will review and approve the fire protection plans. See (and complete if necessary) the New Structures and Additions Commercial Plans Checklist for more information.

Building Plan Review Status - Check www.pwcgov.org/ePortal or the Automated Phone System at 1-866-457-5280 for building plan review status and comments.

Complex projects – For larger, more complex projects, it is beneficial to conduct a Pre-Construction meeting with the Building Construction Inspections Branch to facilitate the inspections process. Call 703-792-6930 or email [email protected] for information.

Scheduling Inspections - You may schedule inspections online at www.pwcgov.org/ePortal or through the automated phone system on 1-866-457-5280. You may view the Daily Inspection Schedule and Inspector Route online at www.pwcgov.org/ePortal.

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