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Prince William Public Libraries

RELIC - County Records

RELIC offers a variety of historical and genealogical materials for the study of Prince William County persons, places, and events. Here is a summary of types of materials we collect. (See our catalog for a full listing of our holdings.)

African Americans

U.S. Colored Troops
Cemetery records
Church records
County government records on microfilm
Family files
Genealogical exchange file

Government Officials

Board of Supervisors 1870-2004

Clerks 1731 - present
Sheriffs 1731-1904

Sheriffs 1904-2004
Historic sites files

Bel Air (Ewell Family Home)
Historical maps
Local newsletters

Real estate atlas and directory (County Mapper and assessment data)
School yearbooks
Vital Records

Here are some primary online sources for historical research in Prince William County:

Roots in Prince William: A Pathfinder. An exhaustive guide to many of the important and little-known sources for our early history.

Local News Index: An index to news stories and obituaries that have appeared in the Potomac News, Manassas Journal Messenger, and other Prince William newspapers since 1993. Prepared by RELIC volunteers. A work in progress. Includes some obituaries as early as 1970.

Prince William Digital Archive: Documents, data and images of Prince William County.

Prince William County, Virginia by Ron Turner.

Prince William County Genealogy, blog by Carolyn Lynn.

Prince William County Genealogical Society